where to use your video testimonials


20+ places you can place video testimonials

web site

enhance credibility at multiple touchpoints and encourage engagement 

form page

reduce hesitation and remove barriers of entry in your sales process

thank you page

encourage additional call-to-action or present upsell opportunities

social media

build trust with your audience and celebrate raving fans

ad campaigns

standout with engaging endorsements that build credibility


celebrate customer service wins and community involvement

video content

use the power of endoresement with compelling visuals

print materials

add authenticity to your copy to build trust and persuade purchase


add dimension to your articles by adding third-party content

case studies

use the power of qualitative feedback to your research


bolster credibility and social proof to convince more minds

video displays

bring movement into your retail space with cationed video


share employee feedback to boost morale and attract applicants


use satisfied customers to pitch your products to new prospects


motivate and persuade prospects at the point of decision

staff bios

go beyond a headshot and bring your employee spotlights to life

press releases

add dynamic content to attract the attention of media


reinforce reasons to continue to do business with you

email signature

use this valuable marketing real estate to showcase company wins

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zero-risk money back guarantee

We provide a zero risk opportunity to use our smart video technologies and marketing know-how to benefit your business. However, if for some reason you aren't thrilled with the results, we have a no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Let AuthorityImpact add video testimonials to your web site for 120 days, and if you aren't convinced that they're producing results for your bottom line, we will issue you a full refund. We want you to be happy no matter what!

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