testimonials vs. reviews


what is a testimonial?

A testimonial is a curated endorsement from a customer, colleague or peer stating their positive feedback about a first-hand experience with a person and/or business describing the benefits received from your products/services. Testimonials are widely positive in nature.

what is a review?

A review is an independent evaluation, opinion or recommendation from a customer about the quality of experience with a product/service and an interaction with a business and its employees. Reviews can range from great to good, fair to poor, depending on the intention of the writer.

types of video testimonials


an impression after interacting with a business or product/service


reasons why to choose a particular business or product/services

helpful tip

sharing a useful piece of advice on how to benefit from a product/service


longform text that describes a person's journey

product use

step-by-step descriptions of how to get the most out of a purchase


answering common questions to help purchase decisions

peer endorsement

a recommendation from a colleague in the same profession


an interaction between two or more people


an endorement arrangement in exchange for free product or pay


a comparison of the benefits of a product/service


a compilation of several types of testimonials to boost credibility

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