benefits of using video testimonials


better than text

capture a customer's delight in ways that text alone never could


convey genuine feelings that establish authenticity


establish credibility with those who don't know your business yet


video more so than text content which could've been written by anyone


grab attention by standing out amongst text-only content


connect deeper through visual expression and eye contact


stimulate multiple senses, increasing memorability and content retention


build trust through unbiased, face to face interactions


show your level of customer care, which leads to more referrals


generate more sales with a transparent approach to product benefits


differentiate from the competition by showcasing your successes

pain points

overcome skepticism and objections by addressing customer pain points

warm up

demonstrate before/after benefits as a way to "warm up" your sales pitch

solve problems

reveal solutions to increase confidence and close ratios

most affordable

take advantage of the most affordable promotional channel

social proof

brand reputation and competitor differentiation that can't be faked


show relevant testimonials to the right target audience

top performer

earn bragging rights from how your customers feel about your business


improve conversions by placing testimonials iat point of contact


share across multiple marketing channels and shared content


establish your broad portfolio of clients and/or industry experience

stay on site

keep visitors on your web site so they don't have to search alternate sources


place testimonials to address specific products, personas and sales stages


customers like being featured, thanked and recognized

here's 15 (hidden) benefits of using video testimonials

more control

strategically control the narrative to persuade prospects to take action


testimonials are a great dress rehearsal for encouraging referrals


use feedback to improve business operations and new product launches

staff high fives

share positive feedback with employees to boost morale and productivity

customer pov

gain insights into your business through ongoing customer feedback


display previous work experience to boost your reputation

increase seo

use text and transcription to add content that search engines love

new to video

the easiest way to get started using video in your marketing

new audiences

discover new types of customers and ways of serving them

higher retention

learn ways of keeping customers satisfied


reinforce call to action decisions that lead to more conversions

buy more

gain insights that encourage customers to make repeat purchases 

market leader

establish a leadership position in your marketing and industry


demonstrate why you're better than the competition


attract better candidates by showcasing your happy employees

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