convince + convert with video proof not marketing promises

increase conversions and revenue by leveraging customer video testimonials on your web site and across marketing channels

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why you need us for your business

Leverage happy customers as your competitive advantage, showcasing their satisfaction using video testimonials across all marketing channels: your web site, social media, email blasts, search ads, Google My Business, Yelp, YouTube, tv/radio and more.


"Leverage the power of trust marketing to persuade prospects into buyers."


"People buy from people, showcase your customer success stories."


"Your business is more than just stars, it's up to you to demonstrate why."

our formula for your success

place + promote + persuade + profit

Use our DFY (done for you) video testimonial marketing platform to collect customer satisfaction videos, build trust and engage prospects, celebrate customers successes, promote your brand and grow your revenue.

turn your happy customers into a revenue and referral machine

Video testimonials from real customers are the ultimate social proof, not just marketing promises.

90% influenced when making a decision to purchase
Everyone has a video camera in their pocket
Build trust with today's "anti-marketing" consumers


increase conversions from your web site visitors

Your web site is typically a prospect's first impression of a business, and the perfect place to persuade with video testimonials.

Encourage call-to-action form submissions
Persuade purchase on your product pages
Upsell with a personal message on your checkout page


build trust and ease fears to boost first purchase likelihood

Every prospective customer wants to know about your track record before making a decision, it's your opportunity to WOW them!

Is there a compelling reason to say YES?
Are you trustworthy? Support your customers?
Do you deliver results as promised?
Have you helped similar customers?


leverage video to 10x your marketing effectiveness

Supercharge your marketing by adding video testimonials across digital media. 

Email blasts and email signatures
Marketing automation sequences
Social media and blog posts
Paid search and online directories
Lading pagesand  many more...


enhance your reputation and leapfrog your competitors

Video testimonials are tangible evidence of your regard for customers and employees.

Upstage your competition
Repurpose videos for Connected TV
Enhance staff bios and email signatures
Attract top candidates, making hiring easier


a complete done-for-you marketing solution

Our DFY video testimonial platform is everything you need to quickly ramp up your marketing.

Web site audit to maximize your marketing results
Branded recording studio landing page
Branded Wall of Luv™ showing all video testimonials
Outreach using links and QR codes in emails and text messages


how we turn your happy customers into the best marketing

invite your customers by email or text to give a video testimonial

record video testimonials using your customer's smartphone, no app required

increase CTA and conversions by placing video testimonials on your web site

persuade prospects with a video marketing campaign across media channels


"It's the most persuasive marketing you can do... for an affordable $2 a day."


"Turn your happiest customers into an endless referral and revenue machine."


"With today's anti-marketing consumers, social proof is the most effective tool in your marketing toolbox."

frequently asked questions

how many video testimonials can be recorded?

Even our Starter Plan offers 30 video testimonials, so you'll create an amazing Wall of Luv™ in no time.

what is the length of each video testimonial?

Each video testimonial can be up to 2 minutes long, but we recommend you keep them under 1 minute.

what is the turnaround time for each video testimonial?

Once a customer records a video testimonial, the turnaround time is about 3 days, usually quicker.

can I approve each video testimonial before it appears on my web site?

Yes! Once a customer records their video testimonial, our team will send it to you for approval. 

do I need a video hosting platform?

No, all of your video testimonials are hosted on our servers, we take care of all of the tech.

what makes your platform different?

We are a complete DFY solution, we take care of everything your business needed to add video testimonials to your marketing.

our demo is a quick 10 minutes

(yes, we timed it)

zero-risk money back guarantee

We provide a zero risk opportunity to use our smart video technologies and marketing know-how to benefit your business. However, if for some reason you aren't thrilled with the results, we have a no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Let AuthorityImpact add video testimonials to your web site for 120 days, and if you aren't convinced that they're producing results for your bottom line, we will issue you a full refund. We want you to be happy no matter what!

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